Accepting Responsibility For Your Own Self-Worth

At times in my life, I thought I’d damaged relationships because of my low self-worth. I would beat them to the finish line, and then push them away. I feared that if and when they really got to know me, they’d leave on their own accord. So I beat them there. Nothing like trying to control the outcome, right? Subconsciously, I thought this was better than being left behind and alone. I wasn’t respecting others enough to allow them to make their own choice. My way was easier for me to accept. Not quite the image of a successful entrepreneur. I was full of fears: fear of success and fear of failure. I couldn’t measure up to my own expectations for perfection. How in the world could I live up to the expectations of others?

The first thing I did to heal those fears was to give myself a break. Not easy. It was so much easier to cut others some slack than to lighten up on myself. However, it helped me. It helped me shrug my shoulders and say, “Okay, that wasn’t great, but I accept responsibility for my actions. I also accept responsibility for changing my actions too. I am human, and I can learn from this.” I also started being honest. I became a better listener, willing to take suggestions, willing to ask for help. These changes helped me realize I’m not alone.

Another thing I’ve tried to do is get outside of myself. My mantra is It’s up to me. The quickest way to get out of myself is to jump in and help others. Acting better always helps me feel better. I am worth it. I don’t have to be perfect. I only have to trust that I’m good enough, and that I can let go. How we react to things and regulate our emotions is 90% of the work.

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