Be Kind To Yourself. Others Are Counting On It.

Lisa and I went to a fundraiser for our school district. Our community’s intention this year is to #BeKind. I started to think… what did that mean to me as an adult? And as a leader in this community? How could I tune in, listen and be kind to others around me??  

It is extremely hard to be kind to others, if I can’t be kind to myself first. So I had to check in and be real. Sometimes I am a great dad. And sometimes I am not. But I should be kind to myself no matter what. If I can start there, then I can acknowledge that others’ strengths downplay their weaknesses – I can look at each person in a positive light and see the all the good they bring to the table. Simple. Not easy. So as I listened to people talk – I tuned in and figured out what was important to them. And chose to be kind about it.

On the reverse, I heard some folks bitching and complaining. I wondered… do they not give themselves a break? Are they not kind to themselves when it comes to their imperfections – so they can’t give others that grace too? I don’t know. I’d love to hear your feedback on that.

Fast forward to today. I was with my kids in our pool, challenging them to stretch out and catch hard passes from me with the football (I know, I know, cue Glory Days.) But I recognized – instead of saying nothing or chastising them for not watching the ball or tucking it away – I could choose to be kind. And to challenge and encourage them to make mistakes. I wonder again, if setting an intention to make mistakes and be kind to ourselves while we make the mistakes, will that set the stage for our kids to go after bigger and better things? I don’t know. I just wonder… if someone was kind to me during my failures… would that have given me more strength?  

I just know it feels safe to me when I take care of my heart. Because that is where most of my kindness for others comes from.

Take a look at the mirror. Start there. Be kind right now—to that person. We need them on our side if we are going for Kindness!

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