Can You Choose Happiness?

Can we choose happiness? Or is it attained? Is it a destination? Or a state of mind? My thoughts bounce all across the board on this one. Do I fake it until I make it? Or do I just get content with what I have? Is it wrong to want more? Can you be happy and still want more? Wow. Seven questions in the first paragraph.

I want to focus my attention on happiness over the next three months of blogging, because I’m curious what people out there think about the pursuit of their own happiness.

This question was posed to me in high school: (Choose ONE) Health, Wealth or Happiness? I always chose happiness. For whatever reason, as an eighteen year old healthy male, I thought the other two were more in my control. I could choose health or wealth, but happiness is granted to us–or is it? Am I in control of my own happiness? Do I really choose it?

I will explore some areas we’ve worked on with our children concerning this happiness thing. I’m not sure that we know exactly what we have. It does seem like we’re closer than when I started thinking about happiness. I look forward to connecting with some of you online, and maybe even off line to find out what makes us happy.

Happy summer! It’s almost back to school! And as a father of five, I know that makes me happy.

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