Entrepreneurs Vote With Their Feet

Q: What is bringing me happiness right now?

A: The relationships in my life.

The relationships that I want. The types of experiences I want to share in this world with people that I choose. There is a great saying: Entrepreneurs vote with their feet. If they don’t like something, they change it. I am working on this. As a proud entrepreneur, I have a little twist on this saying. I like it to mean voting to change things if they don’t make me happier instead of walking away. I work on changing myself when I haven’t been happy.

That change involves strengthening my meaningful relationships. I’m realizing the more energy and effort I put into those chosen relationships, the more it pays off in my happiness. I’m also getting more comfortable with my own judgments, and pursuing more authentic relationships that I can cherish. What relationships can you put more into? Will that be a key component of unlocking more happiness for you?

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