Serving Others: Caring vs. Curing

Sometimes, I’m confused when serving others. Am I caring for them or trying to cure them? When I try to cure them, I feel tired, anxious, arrogant, and afraid. I’m usually concerned with being right, and manipulating the situation to achieve my solution. I expect those people to live up to my expectations. When I am caring for others, I feel relaxed, aware and humble. I get more concerned with them as people. I focus on my relationship with them and their feelings. In those cases, I wind up being a good helper and guide.

Serving Others Exceptionally Well is the mission at our company. We usually do a great job when we ask ourselves the question, “How does this serve (insert name) exceptionally well?” The answer usually make us happier as a company. It isn’t about the money, it isn’t about our image or our status. We don’t always get it 100% right. However, I know that if I follow this mission of caring versus curing, it will bring more happiness in my life.

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