Your Life Is the Journey, Not the Destination

“When Nebraska wins an NCAA college football title, my life will be complete.” As a diehard fan since 1976 and a season ticket holder since 1991, this was my annual mantra from 1980 until 1994. In 1994, we did it. We beat Miami 24-17 in the Orange Bowl, securing Coach Tom Osborne’s first national title. But my life didn’t change–not really. I talked deep into the night with my best friend and fellow lifelong Husker fanatic Sean Kelly about how great it was. We were so excited to buy t-shirts that commemorated that championship.

However, my life was not complete. I still had to take out my trash. I still had to go to work. I still had relationships that needed attention. What?!!?? Wait. This was what I really wanted. All I really wanted since I was a young boy. I just wanted to be #1. I think by the time we won that ’94 championship, I’d already realized that in the real world, regardless of the AP polls, I still needed to take out the trash, go to work, and be kind to my friends and family. Therefore, it wasn’t a total shock that my life was not complete with that Husker championship.

Honestly, I’m glad that it didn’t complete my life. I saw that our journey is much more fun than the destination. I love telling my kids about my heartbreak, and heartache during the painful times in my life. Today, It seems like a lifetime ago we won that game. It also seems like yesterday that Sean and I dreamt about what it would be like. The dream seems better than the reality. I’m working hard at staying in the moment. Enjoying the good times now–even enjoying the struggles now. Living that way is far more fun than waiting for that one thing we believe will make our lives complete.

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