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Are You Raising Entitled Kids?

“No one ever takes their rental car to the carwash. They don’t own it.” I heard this quote at a leadership conference years ago. It never really resonated until I had kids. That is, when it really hit home. I think responsibility is learned through discipline. To be honest, I needed to learn responsibility to […]

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My Super Bowl Dream Came True!

“Wow, you were at the Super Bowl!? How was it???” That has been the most common asked question of me this past week. What can I say? Amazing! Exhilarating! Fun! A dream come true?! Yes. All of those. But I want to focus on that last one: a dream come true! If you had asked me when I was 10 […]

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Young Athletes: Redefining The Win

Right after college when I started off in my career, I immediately chased after money, image, and status. I kept thinking- if I just had more… I would be happier. More money, more clothes, more trips. But you see, then I got all those things, and I wasn’t. Not really. I mean, I may have […]

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Harnessing Momentum in Business and in Life

“They were winning, but then they lost momentum.” “Boy, the momentum has clearly shifted in the other team’s favor.” “They have BIG MO on their side now.” Those three sports clichés are repeated in almost every sports telecast. It doesn’t matter what sport–football, basketball, baseball. I’ve heard them in men’s games and women’s games. I’ve […]

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Love Conquers All

Love has the capacity to heal. Sometimes it takes tough love, but love nonetheless. Anger are powerful, but it doesn’t hold a candle to love. Love conquers all. We’re taught that first we must love ourselves in order to love others completely. It’s not selfishness; it’s called human-ness. Freeing ourselves from the constant judgment of […]

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