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My Super Bowl Dream Came True!

“Wow, you were at the Super Bowl!? How was it???” That has been the most common asked question of me this past week. What can I say? Amazing! Exhilarating! Fun! A dream come true?! Yes. All of those. But I want to focus on that last one: a dream come true! If you had asked me when I was 10 […]

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How Authenticity Becomes Its Own Reward

I’ve owned a janitorial company for 11 years. I was also in the process of writing a book about aligning my core values at home with my core values at work. The working title was Cleaning Up. Funny, huh? A janitor ‘cleaning up?’ The title was a double entendre. I know I should have bought […]

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Let Your Core Values Guide You

I was driving down the Rocky Mountains with my then six-year-old son, Teddy. I noticed the guide rails along the winding roads. We had just spent fifteen minutes at the Continental Divide–an impressive view. Before that, we’d been camping along the Colorado River. We were both exhausted. As I drove our rental car down the mountain, […]

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Listening With Everything You’ve Got

I once attended a leadership class in Washington D.C. taught by Dr. Gerald Bell., noted lecturer and founder of the Bell Leadership Institute. He had printed on our graduation diplomas “To listen or not to listen”. Hmmm. Sounds like that might be the question. To listen, or not to listen? I speak Spanish as a […]

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The #1 Thing You Can Do In A Conflict

When you’re dealing with people, conflict is inevitable. As the father of two sets of twins, I find this topic fascinating. There are usually at least two differing opinions on each topic: “This is mine.” | “No, it’s mine.” “Give it to me.” | No, let go.” Watching young kids in conflict, I often see […]

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Hard Work + Discipline = Accountability

I used to weigh 293 pounds. It was around the time my second set of twins, Teddy and Anthony, were baptized. I looked at the overweight priest doing the baptism ceremony and thought, “That guy doesn’t look healthy.” But when I reviewed the photos online of him holding Anthony and me holding Teddy, I realized […]

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